The article is very clever started out extremely well. I was however disappointed to learn that it was actually a clever literary construction in the same style of "War of the Worlds". The general public may have difficulty distinguishing between martians and real potential risk, but at least a few studious and perceptive scientists do know the difference. An issue greater than if the large Hadron Collider proves harmless or harm"more", it is the issue of scientific oversight after the funds are approved, open and unbiased risk analysis, and hopefully not global damage management after the fact if such is even possible. The science can wait for reasonable caution and reasonable safety precautions. But apparently the large percentage of the world's scientists employed by CERN and under media management directives (censorship rules) can not wait. Astrophtsicist Dr. Habil. Rainer Plaga's risk mitigation measures appear to be falling on deaf ears, Prof Dr. Otto Rössler's sincere concerns are dismissed and his genius derided by cursory and sloppy rebuttals. This experiment should be a celebration of wisdom and cooperation free of arrogance and self interest. Clever article. Co-administrator of
#1 JTankers (Homepage) on 2008-09-19 02:46
I agree, clever article. Nice graphics, too! And I say that not only because I know the painter...
#1.1 caPri on 2008-10-09 00:38
Das is garnich lustig!
#2 Joachim Schubert von Schubertshausen on 2009-01-06 22:59
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